RESTORE Premium Massage Oil is a fusion of herbs and natural oils that has been traditionally used by men as a massage oil to enhance blood circulation by way of massage. RESTORE's formulation is EXTRA potent as it contains PURE extracts of active ingredients infused via RESTORE's proprietary production method in a Good Manufacturing Practice manufacturing facility.

RESTORE's special formulation will improve your all natural skin expansion efforts in quicker time - the end result - Grow your foreskin fast and in less time!


The human skin is expandable. Studies have shown that stretching it over long periods of time promotes the growth of new skin cells.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration works on the basis of tissue expansion. Normal non-surgical restoration methods involve skin 'tugging'.

It may or may not be assisted by foreskin restoration devices like tapes, weights and straps. Over time, all these stretching methods induce the skin to grow new cells.

What I have found is that the process of cell growth is quickened or made fast by the PROVEN combination of Bio-additives used in RESTORE Premium Massage Oil.

The proven combination of herbs and natural oil makes foreskin restoration an easier and fast task to accomplish.

All natural active ingredients such as Aleurite Moluccana and Cocoa Nucifera, Rose Hip, Almond and Vitamin E, Restore oil acts to soften the skin and give it an extraordinarily flexible texture for stretching.

Once softened and with blood flow to the cells enhanced, the effectiveness of skin stretching becomes vastly improved even when you're just using your fingers to do the stretching.

While you can achieve great results without the aid of a device, I've found that a device will help you attain results even faster simply because devices makes the job of skin stretching much easier. Many devices available in the market work perfectly with RESTORE.

I have personally found pneumatic penis pumps to be most effective with RESTORE. The pump provides an intense stretching 'exercise' to the skin at the cellular level and when aided by RESTORE's active ingredients, new skin growth appears to be accelerated and the end result - FAST foreskin restoration.


RESTORE is safe - a natural product and contains no drugs, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives or harmful chemicals and has been tested for safety by an Internationally Recognized Lab, in Malaysia. The production of RESTORE is done in a controlled laboratory environment to ensure the highest quality natural oils. Only the purest herbs and botanicals are used in producing RESTORE.

Effects of using Restore Premium Massage Oil

Effect of using Restore Premium Massage Oil


One simple reason - FAST RESULTS.

Most online testimonials will tell you that using commercially available tapes and devices, you will need anything between 1.5 to 2 years to completely restore your foreskin.

With RESTORE Oil, I have found out that my time to restore was shortened by half!

Up to now I've not found anything else in the market that will give me the same result in as short a time.


While enough new skin can be grown cover the glans eventually, I must emphasize that the original human foreskin contains specialized nerve endings and blood vessels. Once removed and discarded, they can not be fully regrown with or without RESTORE.

However, restored men can enjoy similar comfort and penis appearance as uncircumcised males.


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